Pedro Pires
Brazilian Artist


Although I use different techniques and different materials in my work, every piece portrays the same graphical components and the same gestures of expressionist roots.

Techniques are like tools. They provide the means to achieve the desired goal and to guarantee an expressive and stimulating result. In this creative process it is important to reach the existential bridge, the humanistic connections that bind the humanity and focus on its permanent issues. Besides metaphysical aesthetics, the artwork must portray the struggle between man and his environment.

An artwork is the expression of the artist's ideas and feelings towards the world. The technique employed cannot be detached from the poetic contents and the sociological roots. My artwork stems from the everyday life like a diary that stores my notes, accidental scars, commitments, memories, and most importantly, the unexpected.

The artist is a lonely trespasser that inquires about what is unknown and provides an answer to which would be incomprehensible otherwise. He needs to be aware of the transformations taking place in the world and in the society, and overall the artist needs to focus on the transgression that art requires to keep itself alive without faking it or using alien experiences.


Pedro Pires
Curriculum Vitae

Versão em português
João Otávio Neves Filho (Membro da ABCA)
Joan Lluís Montané (Assoc. Internacional de Críticos de Arte)